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Product Overview

  • Set of 4. premium quality. weighted ben wa balls with silicone cradle and supple retrieval leash
  • Aids arousal. toning the pelvic floor with continued use as well as heightening sexual sensation and extending/intensifying climax for many users
  • Easy-fit dimensions. and lubricant friendly. they are easy to insert and offer a near infinite range of weight combinations to suit users of any level
  • Ideal to use with kegel exercises. or enjoy with manual/partnered clitoral or anal stimulation. exciting and delighting the G-spot
  • Soft silicone cradle and solid silicone constructed balls makes cleaning and storage super easy
  • Comes with a 1-year Lelo guarantee for peace of mind!

Product Description

Inspired and popularized by the Fifty Shades series. ben wa. or geisha balls have seen a marked rise in popularity and use in recent years. The Lelo Ben Wa Balls are an exceptional. higher end example. made to exacting standards from the very best materials by Lelo. a world leader in adult accessories of higher design and function than most.

Using the ancient technique of internal stimulation and toning via kinetic movement and muscle control. the Lelo Ben Wa Balls are the perfect accessory for you to enhance and strengthen your pelvic floor. or to shift solo and shared play into overdrive??

Easily making your fantasy a reality. the Lelo Ben Wa Balls are made from easy to insert silicone. and are weighted; giving you the option to start light and add to the cradle by mixing and matching a weight that will match your internal strength as you progress with continued use. New users might find a single ball or lighter weight better to start with. adding more weight as they become accustomed to the sensations. and as they strengthen the pelvic floor.

With continued and regular use. the Lelo Ben Wa Balls are a perfect addition to kegel exercises. or just for when you are pleasuring yourself manually. They really do move effortlessly inside you and off each other. giving an incredible thrill with each movement of your own arousal and excitement. Use in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. or anal penetration for explosive results and more intense arousal and climax.

They uniquely come with the specialized silicone cradle. easily holding them perfectly. but still allowing easy removal. changing and cleaning of the whole system. A supple retraction leash makes for effortless retrieval. and the stunning gift/storage box and custom satin pouch adds a touch of refinement to an already classy and elegant accessory. The perfect gift to yourself that will pay dividends for your health. happiness. sexual prowess. and wellbeing. The Lelo Ben Wa Balls are completely silent in operation. are of a non-intimidating size. and are also covered by Lelo’s 1-year manufacturer warranty for your ultimate peace of mind!

Features of the Lelo Luna Beads

  • Internal Stimulation: The Lelo Luna Beads provide internal stimulation by moving inside you.
  • Kegel Muscle Workout: Designed to provide a workout of your Kegel muscles. strengthening your pelvic floor.
  • ABS Weighted Balls: The balls are perfectly weighted. and you can combine the two pairs in several combinations to achieve the perfect resistance.
  • Silicone cradle: The cradle is made from flexible body-safe silicone and allows comfortable movement of the balls within your body.
  • Manual Operation: The Lelo Beads are not powered but move kinetically with the movement of your body.

What Makes the Lelo Luna Beads Unique?

The Lelo Luna Beads are made from body-safe ABS and are weighted to provide perfect resistance. The cradle is made from body-safe silicone and is flexible. and can bend and move inside you. The materials are compatible with water-based lubes and are lovely to look at. as the Ben Wa balls come in a lovely petal pink and powder blue. while the cradle is white. These come with a 1-year Lelo warranty.

How To Use the Luna Beads

Using Ben Wa Balls is effortless. and the same goes for the Lelo Luna Beads. You should apply a little water-based lube to the cradle and balls and slowly insert them inside you. Move with the beads; you will feel them moving inside you and provide stimulating pressure and a workout to your Kegel muscles.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Lelo Luna Beads
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • User Manual
  • One-Year Warranty Registration Card

Care and Charging

The Luna Ben Wa balls are made from body-safe ABS. and the cradle is made from semi-flexible silicone. Both materials are phthalate-free and are very easy to clean. as they can be washed with mild soap and warm water or any toy cleaner.

The Luna Beads are not powered. but they move kinetically; with each movement of your body. they also move inside you and provide your Kegel muscles with the workout it needs.


Diameter (each ball):1.3??
Harness Size:3.5?? x 1.3?? x 0.6??
Weights: 2 x 0.06 lbs.; 2 x 0.08 lbs.


Flexibility: Firm, Flexible
Material: Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Color: Pink, Blue, White
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual/kinetic movement
Features: Phthalate-Free, Hypoallergenic, Silicone, ABS (plastic), Smooth Surface, Waterproof, Non-Phallic


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