LELO SMART WAND Medium Magic Wand Massager


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Product Overview

  • Unique Sense Touch technology setting builds vibrational intensity as soon as the device has contact with skin
  • Highest quality. spa level massage in the privacy of your own space/home
  • Fully waterproof with 8 incredible vibration and intensity settings. generous dimensions but easy to use and lightweight
  • FDA approved (body safe) materials. easy to clean and maintain while ensuring the safest. most hygienic experience
  • Lelo’s unrivaled 1-year device and 10-year quality manufacturer’s warranty guarantee is included

Product Description

Bringing the magic back. the Lelo Magic Wand Massager is a high-end. quality. personal massage device that is cordless and ultra-powerful while smoothly quiet. It’s designed with quality and visual appeal in mind. the kind that takes personal pleasure (or shared) to new and dizzying heights.

More powerful than any other rechargeable wand massager on the market. the magic wand is large. yet light and easily held for solo use. or shared with a partner. bringing spa quality (deep tissue massage) power into your own personal space??

Fully waterproof. the Lelo Magic Wand Massager features sense touch technology. automatically sensing and adjusting vibration strength to build in intensity as soon as the device connects with your skin. creating the most intense. intuitive experience for the user!

Ergonomically designed for physical beauty as well as functionality. the magic wand massager has a broad head and naturally arcing neck. contouring perfectly to your external and internal anatomy. It’s perfect for erogenous zones and musculature alike. Yes. the magic wand massager is made just for your body and is eager to help you rediscover the magic within you??

Eight individual massage patterns are programmed into the magic wand massager. Thus. allowing you endless hours of languid or thrilling exploration as you experience unparalleled luxury and refinement from the highly celebrated and fully guaranteed manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll really love the Lelo Magic Wand Massager. The 1 year device and 10 year quality guarantee is your ticket to unrivaled quality and exceptional performance. given naturally from Lelo.

Features of the Lelo Smart Wand Massager

  • Premium Personal Massager: The Lelo Smart Wand Massager takes personal and intimate massage to the next level.
  • Silicone Surface: The Smart Wand Medium’s surface is made from phthalate-free silicone compatible with water-based lubes.
  • Eight Pleasure Settings: The Smart Wand has eight vibrating modes to relax. excite and stimulate.
  • Tactile Response Function: A SenseTouch technology allows tactile response ?C the vibrations increase and adjust as the wand comes in prolonged contact with your body.
  • Waterproof Use: The Smart Wand Medium is waterproof. allowing versatile use.
  • Rechargeable: Like most Lelo toys. the Smart Wand Medium is rechargeable for cable-free play.
  • One-Year Warranty: Lelo provides an impressive one-year warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee for its products. the Smart Wand Medium included.

What Makes the Lelo Smart Wand Unique?

Lelo’s Smart Wand is unlike other wands on the market. as this one has a streamlined design and an ergonomic handle. The wand has the SenseTouch control technology. allowing you to feel the vibrations upon touching your body. It is powered by an internal battery and has a charger for ease and convenience.

The Smart Wand also has a semi-flexible head. with the neck bending and conforming to your body’s shape. It also has a button control panel that you can use to scroll through the eight vibrating modes and find the deep relaxation or exciting stimulation you are after.

How To Use Smart Wand Medium

The Smart Wand is so easy to use ?C you need to charge it and touch it to your body; the smart technology will do the rest. You can use it as a muscle massager and provide relaxation to a stiff neck or sore muscles. However. you can also use it for sexual stimulation. The handle fits nicely in your hand. and the head and neck conform to your body’s shape and adjust and excite. Scroll through the Smart Wand’s eight vibration modes and find the one you like. enjoying endless relaxation and improved sexual stimulation.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Lelo Smart Wand Medium
  • Charger
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • User Manual
  • One-Year Warranty Registration Card
  • Toy Cleaner Sample

Care and Charging

The Smart Wand is waterproof and is compatible with water-based lubes. The waterproof feature also allows you to clean the toy under running water. washing it with mild soap and warm water. If you prefer. you can also wash the Smart Wand with a toy cleaner. leaving it to dry and storing it in its carry pouch.

The Smart Wand massager is rechargeable. so you need to plug the charging cable and stick the charger into a wall outlet. The Smart Wand takes 2 hours to charge. and it will provide 2 hours of continuous playtime. While charging. the light around the control buttons will pulsate. and when fully charged. the light will turn solid.


Length: 8.7″
Width: 2.3″


Flexibility: Firm, Flexible
Material: Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Color: Plum, Black
Texture: Smooth Surface
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Buttons Controls
Power Type: USB Rechargeable
Features: Phthalate-Free, Silicone, Hypoallergenic, Vibrating, Smooth Surface, Multi-Speed, Rechargeable, Non-Phallic


Black, Plum


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