Lora DiCarlo CAREZZA Clitoral Massager


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Product Overview

  • A powerful and natural-feeling two-in-one clitoral stimulator it vibrates. its stimulating pad mimics the stroking of a fingertip and an AirSleeve transforms it in a suction toy
  • Patent-pending PercussionTouch technology allows the vibrations to build up from light tapping to intense drumming in a heartbeat
  • Effortless intensity changes via touch buttons on Carezza itself ?C enjoy single-hand use for much more fun
  • Made of silky smooth silicone that’s gentle to the skin and also completely waterproof
  • Never run out of power with a rechargeable battery. The indicator will blink and let you know when you need to recharge
  • Intuitive and easy to transform. a perfect choice for both first-time users and more experienced individuals

Product Description

Many Lora DiCarlo toys are designed to give you versatility and multiple sensations. Carezza is no exception. It’s so easy to transform from a vibe to a clitoral suction toy that it’s an ideal choice for first-time users. At the same time. the intensity and range of sensations make it ideal for more experienced players.

Carezza has a stimulation pad that mimics the sensation of getting stroked by a human finger. With the company’s patent-pending PercussionTouch technology. you can take it up from a gentle touch to the most focused deep drumming in a matter of seconds. This way. the motion will feel like a really powerful vibration.

If you prefer the realistic oral sex experience. slip the AirSleeve on your Carezza. The sleeve is provided with the stimulator and it transforms the experience completely. With a wide mouth that goes over the entire clit. the AirSleeve transforms the stimulation into gentle but targeted suction.

All you’ll be left doing is choosing one of the 10 intensity settings to match your mood and the way you like to get off. Simple push button controls on the body of the vibe itself help you make changes while holding Carezza in place.

Both Carezza and the AirSleeve are fully waterproof and hypoallergenic. Crafted from medical-grade silicone. they give you the best that the market has to offer. The material isn’t just gentle against your sensitive bits. it’s also incredibly long-lived.

Carezza is powered by a rechargeable battery to give you up to one hour of uninterrupted run time. A light indicator will let you know when your stimulator needs to get recharged.

Features of Lora DiCarlo CAREZZA

  • A 2-in-1 vibrator and suction clitoral stimulator
  • Proprietary PercussionTouch technology for the most intense experience ever
  • A stimulation pad that feels just like the stroking of a human finger
  • 10 intensity settings to choose among
  • AirSleeve provided with the vibe to deliver targeted suction
  • Both sleeve and stimulator are crafted from medical-grade silicone
  • Fully waterproof
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Up to one hour of run time. fully recharged in two hours
  • Easy and intuitive push button controls
  • Low power warning light
  • Automatic shut off after five minutes of no use

What Makes Lora DiCarlo CAREZZA Unique?

You don’t need to get a vibrator and a clitoral suction stimulator separately. Carezza gives you both and the transformation is so easy to achieve. The AirSleeve is designed to fit perfectly over the stimulator. immediately changing the vibrations into suction. If you enjoy diversity and both kinds of clitoral stimulation. this is the vibe to try.

How to Use Lora DiCarlo CAREZZA

  • Apply some water-based lube to the stimulation pad before turning Careza on
  • Place the pad against your clit ?C after you turn the stimulator on. you can experiment with angles and placements
  • Turn on using the power button. change the intensity via the +/- button
  • Slip the AirSleeve over your Carezza if you’d like to experience suction. Make sure that the mouth goes over the stimulation pad before turning on and adjusting the intensity via the same button


    Length: 4.17″
    Width: 1.93″


    Flexibility: Firm
    Material: Silicone, ABS PLastic
    Color: Stone, Air Sleeve (Assorted Colors)
    Texture: Smooth
    Waterproof: Yes

    Additional Info

    Controller Type: Button control
    Power Supply: USB rechargeable (cable included)
    Features: Waterproof, Smooth Surface, Multi-Function, Multi-Speed


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