Master Series Spades Big Anal Beads


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Product Overview

  • Sleek finish. TPR. large anal beads in a section of 5 over an insertable length of 9 inches
  • Tapered. flexible yet firm. the beads are designed to enter easily. then add pressure when moved internally. or as they are withdrawn. causing a uniquely-pleasurable sensation
  • Easy ring pull base retrieves the beads easily and keeps them from disappearing too far. making play both safe and fun
  • Silent operation requiring no batteries. for serious anal enthusiasts. may be worn in sections or entirely
  • Fully waterproof. flexible and firm. the TPR rubber is lube friendly and makes clean up easier to do

Product Description

Big anal beads are big in diameter. and big in a 9 inch length of 5 sections. and even spade shaped for ease of insertion. and flared at the base. making each entering one an inhalation of delight. Additionally. each exiting bead gives a unique jolt of pleasure. Tackle one or two. or insert the whole length slowly. extracting one at a time with the easy ring pull tab. heightening pleasure. edging toward a complex and deep. definitive core climax.

Recommended for the serious and experienced anal player. the set of big anal beads is best taken slowly and with plenty of lubricant. Blended with intercourse or other stimulating play. they can provide intense internal stimulation for any gender. heightening erotic responses to a dizzying level. making it hard to fight the urge to take hold of them and pump yourself vigorously with them.

Each plus sized bead is like a butt plug of its own. making the big anal beads set a challenge for some. and a welcome relief for others who simply can’t get enough texture in their butt. Easy clean and totally waterproof. Maximizing your anal experience and made with reliable and body safe materials.

These big anal beads are the perfect accompaniment to perfect oral or further genital stimulation/penetration. Heightening the arousal and orgasmic response in any gender. they are worthy of the challenge for intermediate users and would become a staple for more experienced players too.


Length: 12.5″
Insertable Length: 9″
Diameter: 1.75″


Flexibility: Flexible, Firm
Material: TPR
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Features: Flexible, Smooth Surface


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