Perfect Fit Ergoflo Extra Anal Douche


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Product Overview

  • Compact. discreet and ideal for travel or to keep handy. reflecting a free and spontaneous lifestyle
  • Can be used anally or vaginally and holds up to9 oz.
  • Use over and over. with easy to clean and maintain. body-safe and hygienic materials that are durable as well as low maintenance
  • Air valve technology reduces messy back-flow. requiring fewer refills and utmost hygiene
  • Sets up in seconds and features a water-tight design for leak-proof performance

Product Description

Clean out thoroughly and conveniently with an anal douche that is easy to use. travel with. and clean up after. This anal douche is compact and perfect for those unexpected moments. It sets up in seconds and features a water-tight design for leak-proof performance. Whether you use it in preparation for anal sex. for health reasons. or simply because you like to feel squeaky clean. this bulb will take care of business!

The douche has a narrow. smooth tip and a silicone squeeze ball for a good grip. Fill the ball with water. apply some anal lubricant to the nozzle and insert it. Then carefully squeeze the ball until it is empty and repeat this process for a thorough cleanse. This set comes with a 5″ ABS tip and a 3″ stowaway tip.

It’s an easy thing to skip. but adequately prepping and cleaning back there can ruin more than a moment. Being prepared and having something like this portable and compact anal douche on hand helps overcome many unforeseen situations. and lets you breathe easy knowing it’s there if you need it. This is a perfectly suitable device for use by any gender. with the applicator being ideal for anal douching. but can be used with equal success vaginally as well.


Capacity bulb: 9 oz.
Plastic Tip: 5″
Stowaway tip: 3″


Flexibility: Flexible, Firm
Material: PVC, ABS
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Features: Flexible, Smooth Surface, Waterproof


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