Lovense Max 2 Male Masturbator

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Product Overview

  • Excellent for solo play
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth smartphone app
  • Adjustable air vent for controlling the suction
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Long-distance sex and syncing with VR porn

Product Description

The Lovense Max 2 Male Mastubator is a high-tech male masturbator featuring impressive design and execution. The toy can bringseveral sensations like contractions and vibrations for more intense pleasure. The bottom of the toy has a vent that helps you control the airflow and adjust the tightness to your liking.

The masturbator is remotely controlled via the Lovense app. You can adjust the vibrations through the app and grant long-distance control or sync the toy with the Lovense Nora or another Max/Max 2 masturbator for long-distance sex. The toy has an internal battery that gets charged via the providedUSB charging cable with up to five hours of use.

The internal channel of the toy has specially designed bumps to increase sensations. and the Max 2 is compatible with a Vagina Sleeve (sold separately). The internal sleeve is made from body-safe materialcompatible with water-based lubes and is very easy to clean by washing with soapy water and thoroughly rinsing it.

Features of Lovense Max 2

  • Improved Design: The Max 2 features an improved design. multiple-sensation sleeve. extended vibrator. and 360-degree contractions.
  • Bumpy Texture Channel: The internal sleeve has a bumpy texture that provides full-length sensations.
  • Adjustable Air Vent: You can control the suction via the adjustable air vent.
  • Smartphone Remote Control: The Bluetooth antenna connects the Max 2 with the Lovense app for more versatile optimizations. allowing you to control the features via your smartphone.
  • Long-Distance Control: The Lovense app enables someone else to control the Max 2 from miles away.
  • Long-Distance Sex: The Lovense app allows you to sync the Max 2 with Nora or another Max/Max 2 toy and enjoy long-distance sex as the app reacts to each other’s movements.

What Makes Lovense Max 2 Unique?

The Max 2 is one of the best advanced male masturbator toys. as it features a multiple sensation sleeve. internal vibrator. 360-degree contractions. and body-safe materials.

The masturbator is USB rechargeable and has wireless connectivity to the Lovense app. The app supports close-range operation and long-distance connectivity via the Internet. One of the most notable features is the sync with Nora or another Max/Max 2 toy. which lets you have long-distance sex with your partner.

How To Use Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is effortless to use ?C lube up the toy and slide inside. The masturbator has button controls that control the vibrations and contractions.

Once connected to the Lovense app. the Max 2 features can be customized. as the app allows close-range and long-distance control. customized vibration patterns. and long-distance sex by syncing to a Nora or another Max/Max 2 toy.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Max 2 Bluetooth Male Masturbator with Neutral Hole Sleeve
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • One-Year Warranty

Care and Charging

The Lovense Max 2 is water-resistant and should not be submerged in water. The inner sleeve is made from body-safe material. is compatible with water-based lubes. and is removable for easy cleaning with warm. soapy water.

Max 2 is rechargeable via the supplied USB charging cable. and it takes about 80 minutes for a full charge. which gives you 4.5 to 5 hours of continuous play.


Length: 9.5″
Diameter: 3.3″


Flexibility: Firm, Flexible
Color: White/Clear
Texture: Textured
Waterproof: Water-Resistant

Additional Info

Controller Type: On/Off Button, App Controlled
Power Supply: USB Rechargeable (cable included)
Features: Flexible, Multi-Speed, Smooth Surface, Textured Surface, App Controlled, Vibrating, Rechargeable


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