What is the cowgirl position?

The cowgirl is a position where the man, lying on his back, lets himself be overlapped by the woman who slides her legs on either side of her partner. Also known as Andromache, named after Hector’s wife and heroine of Homer’s Illiad, this position is said to have its origins in antiquity. The beautiful Trojan liked to take control during sexual intercourse and enjoyed riding her husband.

How to successfully perform the Andromaque position?

For women, it is a position that allows movement control. The partner is not passive in this position. He is invited to move his pelvis to give rhythm during the sexual intercourse. The sexual tension can also go up a notch because the man has access to the woman’s body and can come and caress her chest, her buttocks, her clitoris during the act.

If this position allows women to have control over the rhythm, the depth of penetration and the movements, these are not the only advantages. It also allows the double stimulation du clitoris thanks to friction against the man’s pelvis but also thanks to manual stimulation.

The reverse cowgirl position

The principle remains the same, but this time the woman shows her back to the man and looks towards his feet. Beware of this position all the same: it would be responsible for 50% of penile fractures according to a Brazilian study. The penis certainly does not contain bone but we speak of a fracture to evoke the tear of the tunica albuginea, or the sheath that allows the penis to expand, to stand up and therefore simply be erect. A finding also shared by London doctor Karan Raj in a video that has gone viral on Tik Tok. There reverse cowgirl can therefore lead to excessive pressure on the penis.

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, popular sex positions during pregnancy

The cowgirl position is quite practicable during pregnancy if no contraindications have been noted by the health professional following the pregnant woman. “The advantage of this position is that the pregnant woman can manage the depth, the rhythm, the angle of penetration and the intensity”, explains Virginie Clarenc, sexologist and couple therapist. “In this position, the pregnant woman can listen to her sensations and should not be bothered by her belly. “But the professional reminds that as with all positions, “you have to be comfortable and at ease. You have to go step by step. Pregnancy can cause changes in sensations, obviously if the position becomes uncomfortable, unpleasant or painful, we stop. »