Anal plug: why choose metal?

Anal plug why choose metal

Fans of new sensations who tried the metal butt plug immediately adopted it. It seems to be the most prominent and used sex toy, because it is highlighted in all sex shops and available in several variants. Obviously, people who have not taken the plunge are worried about the effects of this gadget with such […]

How to use a belt dildo without a harness


Tips on using a without a belt When you first lay eyes on a penetration sex toy of this type, this is probably one of the Sex toys for couples the most confusing there is. But if you’re the type who loves challenges, wants to play with something different, or doesn’t like the awkwardness of […]

Guide to female orgasm as a couple

Guide to female orgasm as a couple

Would you like to reach orgasm more times when you have sex with your partner? Do you struggle to climax in your experiences as a couple? Do you have orgasms alone, but with your partner it is not so easy? Tranquilx, it doesn’t just happen to you. Many people are attracted to their partner, feel […]

How to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner

Como llegar al orgasmo a la vez que tu pareja

Would you like to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner? Do you climax while alone, but struggle when you have sex with someone else? So, is simultaneous orgasm a myth? Or is it a reality? Reaching orgasm at the same time can be a difficult mission, but not impossible! When the climax […]

black kiss | What is it and how to do it

black kiss What is it and how to do

The mouth is a very sensitive area and the anus, too. Combine both during the black kiss can give an explosive result. Of course, not suitable for people with prejudices. So put them aside (at least to read this article) and join us for this lip-smacking tour of the back area. Put prejudices aside to […]

These moms have tested a clitoral stimulator: their opinion!

clitoral stimulator

Satisfyer, Womanizer… These brands have revolutionized the world of sex toys with toys dedicated to clitoral enjoyment. Far from being reserved for single people, these clitoral stimulators are attracting more and more women, including mothers, who tell us about their experience. With the pandemic, the sale of sex toys has exploded! Less and less taboo, […]

He wants to try a threesome lovemaking: why not?


Threesome lovemaking is a very common sexual fantasy. If men are the ones who talk about it the most, they are not the only ones to imagine this scenario. The proof with these testimonials from parents who have experienced threesomes Summary Threesomes, a purely male sexual fantasy? Different possible threesome scenarios They made love to […]

Making Love Attached: The Do’s and Dont’s for Bondage Practice

sex tie

Summary What exactly is bondage? How to make love attached? How to approach the question of bondage in your relationship? The rules to follow to practice bondage These parents tried their hand at strapped sex Getting tied up during sex? It’s not just for the 50 Shades of Gray series. “I find it a bit […]

These perfect places to have sex outdoors

make love outside

Since the pandemic, we all need fresh air… and our sexual relations are no exception to this desire to be outside. If you were inspired by the favorite places to make love outdoors? Summary Where to make love outside? Make love in the car Make love at the beach Make love in the pool Make […]

The leapfrog, the variant of doggy style for intense pleasure

The leapfrog, the variant of doggy style for intense pleasure

This Kamasutra position is simple to perform and allows both partners to reach orgasm easily. If you haven’t already, spice up your sex life by trying the leapfrog. Summary How to make the leapfrog? Variants of the leapfrog sex position Is the Leapfrog a sex position for pregnant women? Want to try new Kamasutra positions […]

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