With the pandemic, the sale of sex toys has exploded! Less and less taboo, their use concerns both singles and couples. In this whole world of pleasure, clitoral stimulators are particularly attractive. Their technology makes it possible to reproduce suction effects, come to vibrate and wake up a clitoris very sensitive (more than 8000 nerve endings make up this organ of pleasure!). Even if they don’t replace cunnilingus or digital stimulation, these technological gems seem to have won the hearts of our Magicmoms, who tell us about their relationship with their little toy.

“The Satisfyer has changed my life!”

Aurélie, mother of a little girl and user of the Satisfyer pro 2: “I bought this stimulator on the advice of one of my colleagues. I already had other sex toys, which I use as a couple or solo, but not a clitoral stimulator type. And I like to say that the Satisfyer has changed my life! (Laughs). On my first use, I reached orgasm in two minutes flat! Unbeatable! With practice, I learned to use it to reach an orgasm more or less quickly with the different speeds, and what a pleasure! It’s really a great little toy that perfectly fulfills its mission: to have an orgasm. In my opinion, it differs from other sex toys “penetrating” which are also intended for pleasure but are still more suitable for longer pleasure and not necessarily orgasmic. I mainly use the stimulator in solo sessions, or in the context of games with my partner, but it he rarely uses it on me. I recommended it to all my closest friends, telling them that it was a guaranteed orgasm! Also, I think that for young women, or just women, who don’t dare to explore their body with their hands (although in my opinion it’s the best way) it allows them to learn to better understand masturbation in order to get to know each other and find ways to access pleasure.”

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“Long live clitoral pleasure”

Sandra, mother and home seller of intimate toys: “For 13 years, I have been selling sex toys at home. However, it took me a while to test a suction and pulsation product like the Womanizer, which has met with incredible success. During an individual appointment, an elderly lady asked me if I had tested this product, which was still quite expensive, around 120 euros at the time. text message: ‘it’s the only toy that managed to make me forget my late husband’. His opinion stuck in my head and I wanted to get started more and more. The following year, Satisfyer released a toy similar, at a more attractive price. It was decided: I had to test a clitoral stimulator… and it became my favorite, my favorite range of toys! Indeed, whether it was the Womanizer or the Satisfyer, the clitoral stimulator makes it possible to reach orgasm in no time, but these good orgasms also relieve headaches and general pain. They also help to get to sleep sometimes. In short, long live suction, long live clitoral pleasure!”

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“I can make myself cum anywhere”

Marilyne, 34, mother of two children: “I am sexually very active and liberated. I am libertine and bisexual. I very regularly use sex toys of all types, including clitoral stimulators. revolution. Clitoral stimulators are really practical and compared to other toys, they stimulate the clitoris without rubbing it, therefore risking injury. You reach orgasm really quickly. I have two sex toys of this type: a Satisfyer pro clitoral for clitoris only and a Womanizer dildo + vacuum cleaner.I usually use my Satisfyer when I’m alone and I want to make myself cum quickly.It fits easily in the bag so I can make myself cum n anywhere, by car most regularly. I reserve the Womanizer with dildo rather for my accompanied evenings, to play. As this one requires vaginal penetration, I keep it at home. Knowing that we can divert the use, the suction and the vibration provided can also be used to stimulate the frenulum area of ​​the glans of the man, it allows to play in couple. For my part, I am completely satisfied with these sex toys which are always pleasant to use, especially thanks to their very soft silicone material, I am impatiently waiting for a manufacturer to develop a single sex toy that does clitoris, vagina and anal at the same time. So far, the ones that are similar to this feature on the market aren’t great.”

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“It helped me when my man’s libido was down”

Laura, mother of two, single mother: “My favorite sex toy is the Magic Bunny from Satisfyer, which is a vibrator, but I also have two clitoral stimulators. I absolutely recommend the use of sex toys, but for that, you have to go beyond a little bit about the popular beliefs that it’s weird or only for singles. For my part, it brought me a lot. It especially helped me to manage my own desire when my man had a low libido. We went through complicated couple periods and I wonder if I wouldn’t have been tempted to cheat on him if I hadn’t had these toys. The clitoral stimulation also helps me a lot to relax and I feel a real moment of well-being. be when I use them. I masturbate with them when I have trouble falling asleep, for example. However, I know that my ex-husband was against it, he blamed me for it… But partners need to understand that their use and the sensations felt are very different from a sexual practice with another person. There are similar points, of course: pleasure. But clitoral stimulators offer intense and constant pleasure that a partner could not physically give us. Of course, with a companion, we feel its warmth, its smell… Which is incomparable as a pleasure!”