Where to make love outside?

The confinement has put families to the test. Since then, the great outdoors has been calling you. For holidays with the children, for a romantic weekend, for a family activity… This period also tended to harm the sex life. And the parents are the first concerned… And if there again, the answer was outside? To remotivate the troops to find pleasure again, the Swedish sex toy brand Lelo decided to interview 10,000 people of all nationalities and all ages to find out which unusual places to have sex outside their homes had their favors . We take stock of their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their feasibility as parents.

Make love in the car

The scene of Titanic between Jack and Rose inspires the French! They aret 82% to have had sex in their vehicle. This is also the case for 95% of Italians and 93% of Americans.

The advantage: It is outside without being quite outside. You can still shelter yourself (a little) from prying eyes and not freeze yourself in the middle of winter.

Disadvantage : even if you have swapped your city car for a family, between the car seat in the back and the gear lever in the front, it will sometimes be necessary to sit down a little on comfort.

Feasibility rate for parents: 90%. After dropping off the little one at the crèche or the big one at school or returning from a dinner with friends for which you had taken a babysitter, the car remains an achievable classic, even for parents!

Make love at the beach

“It’s love at the beach, ah-ouh cha cha cha…” (you’ll get it in your head, don’t thank us!). Having sex by the sea seduces the French! They are already 68.5% to have tried the experience, as do 72% of Italians, and 69% of Spaniards. Of the 10,000 people questioned, a total of 56% had already practiced coitus on the sand, on the rocks or in the ocean.

The advantage: it’s romantic, it’s exotic and we are lulled by the sound of the waves.

Disadvantage : having sand everywhere is not necessarily pleasant.

Feasibility rate for parents: 30%. Already, you have to go to the beach, and apart from the lucky ones who live by the sea, you have to wait for the holidays. Then, even on vacation, it means being alone on the beach (making love is not allowed in public), so rather at night, which limits the possibilities. Or you have to book a stay in the Maldives or the Seychelles, with a private beach, but again, this entails some constraints of budget and conscience.

Make love in the pool

Sex at the edge or in the water seduces the French! 57% of them have already made love at the pool.

The advantage: you can try your hand at unusual sex positions since the water carries you.

Disadvantage : Watch out for germs! The chlorine found in most swimming pools is a yeast infection’s best friend. If the microbes contained in the water are harmless for the skin, they can be aggressive for the private parts, even more exposed during sex without a swimsuit…

Feasibility rate for parents: 60%. If you do not have a swimming pool at home, it is still very common to find one in holiday accommodation, which allows, once the children are in bed, to have fun in the water.

Make love in public parks and gardens

The idea of ​​risking being seen seems to excite the French. Almost half of them (46%) have already had sex in a park or public garden.

The advantage: the thrill of being surprised, the spontaneity of living out one’s desire.

The downsidet: you expose yourself to a conviction for the offense of sexual exhibition, i.e. up to 1 year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros. Should I tell you that if you want to take the risk, it is totally prohibited to do this in broad daylight near the slide?

Feasibility rate for parents: 20%. Even if the idea is a widespread sexual fantasy, the passage to the act remains much more complicated.

Make love on the plane

16% of French people, including 39% of 41-50 year olds, joined the Mile High Club (Anglo-Saxon expression to designate those who have made love by plane) and 74% of them enjoyed the experience !

The advantage: those who have tried the experiment say they have found pleasure in the “adrenaline rush” what it provides…

The downsidet: airplane toilets are really, really small, and it’s easy to set foot in the toilet. Not to mention the flight attendants who may start banging behind the door to force them out.

Feasibility rate for parents: 20%. Again, you have to take the plane, which is not given to everyone every day. If you’re with children, that means you take the risk of leaving them on the plane without your supervision. The likelihood of doing so is slim, but the result seems worth the effort.

The preferences in matters of sex

In addition to providing information on the unusual places to make love preferred , the Lelo survey allows you to know some of their preferences. So, spontaneity reigns: 24% have sex without planning it, a little quickie well doneand 55% of them do not pay attention to the time of day. Finally, the fact that the mercury is rising raises the temperature, in every sense of the word. 56% of them prefer to make love in hot weather. It can indeed be more spontaneous, when you don’t have to be careful to stay under the duvet so as not to freeze to death instead of dying of pleasure… And seeing your man sleeping in his underpants is much sexier than when he’s in his pilou-pilou pajamas!