black kiss | What is it and how to do it

black kiss What is it and how to do

The mouth is a very sensitive area and the anus, too. Combine both during the black kiss can give an explosive result. Of course, not suitable for people with prejudices. So put them aside (at least to read this article) and join us for this lip-smacking tour of the back area.

leave the prejudices

Put prejudices aside to enjoy the black kiss.


In case there is any doubt, the black kiss or anilingus or rimming is to stimulate someone else’s anus with your mouth (of course, your own would be complicated). There are people who consider this type of practice scatological and others who are very attracted to it. We already know, for tastes the colors. And black is one of them.

That mouth and tongue give a lot of play in sexual matters is not new. The large number of nerve endings on the lips and tongue cause excitement and pleasure. On the other hand, in the case at hand, the anus is also a very sensitive area, so receiving oral caresses in it causes good sensations. But beyond the physical, there is a basic reason why anal stimulation is included in erotic encounters: because it is morbid. The morbid It is something very particular and very powerful: when the context is psychologically exciting for us, the sensations increase and are potentiated.

The black kiss, what is it

What is the black kiss.

The black kiss can cause psychological arousal because it is considered a transgressive practice. What has to do with the rear hole has a certain taboo halo that together with sex, wham! A powerful combination. Or, in BDSM practices, it can be related to a certain submission. I clarify that I do not consider that performing oral stimulation of the part of the body that is implicitly carries an inferior role. But in certain contexts in which these roles are played, it can be used as another practice in which whoever gives is at the service of whoever receives. And both people enjoy, that always.

Let’s leave taboos aside: licking that part doesn’t have to be demeaning and playing with a man’s anus doesn’t make him less of a man (obvious, but I had to say it). So, if you feel like it, it’s about searching and explore new sensations


hygiene above all

The first thing is basic: hygiene. In sex it is always important to wash before, but if the rear part of the body in contact with a tongue is going to come into play, even more. Any odor or fecal residue must be removed. No deep cleaning (I’m thinking enemas) is necessary, as the stimulation is mostly external.

In any case, and with all the hygiene, you have to be aware of the part you are in and its possible smell and taste. Although that does not necessarily have to be bad, in sex smells and flavors mix for a wonderful excitement.

hygiene above all

Hygiene is essential.

What you eat matters

may be recommended Avoid certain foods before the black kiss: carbonated drinks or heavy meals that can cause involuntary gas. Although I must say that some people like flatulence. So it will depend on each one and the confidence they have.

always with protection

If you are the giver, keep the issue of protection in mind. In risk relationships, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can be transmitted. There are latex barriers that can be very useful in these cases. Latex barriers are rectangular sheets that can be placed over the anus or vulva and protect against STIs. By the way, there are flavors.

protection above all

Always use protection.

a lot of communication

Last but not least, Both people must be comfortable doing the practice. I am not referring to consent, that is always a must, but to the fact that someone may want to do it but feel strange about the taboos that we have discussed. That person can be both who gives and who receives. So if something is not going well, well, you know, something else is said.


your pleasure tools

Do not forget that we are at kiss level, this means that your main work tools will be lips and tongue with which you can lick, kiss but better not bite (there teeth come in and remember that we said lips and tongue). You can also help yourself with your fingers and do small massages in the area. Take care not to have long nails, we do not want to make any scratches.

Slowly but surely

Having said that, it is advisable not to start too sack. Going slow is usually a good strategy. It is common to start by performing oral sex on the penis or vulva and gradually slide downwards and backwards until you reach the area of ​​the anus. By the way, the other way around, from the anus to the genitals, it is better not to go, so as not to carry possible bacteria from one place to another.

minus to plus

From less to more.

In the variation is the pleasure

Once there, in the black zone, you can combine longer licks with other shorter, slower or faster ones. Surround the anus with your tongue, approach it without reaching it, and then focus on it. Make circular movements with your tongue, add other more flat ones, stop for a moment and kiss the area. Definitely, combine different movements so that the stimulation is not homogeneous.

go further

If we want to take advantage, since we are in the area, to put a finger or other things (anal plug, vibrator, dildo…) in the anus, we can use some anal lubricant that facilitates the work. Oral stimulation relaxes the area, which is a good way to enjoy penetration later. There are lubricants or flavored gels that can combine well with the black kiss.

Anal Lube

Lubrication above all.

Now, don’t insist on wanting to put your tongue in the anus. Apart from complicated, it is not necessary. The external part has many nerve endings and is the area that mainly gives pleasure in this practice.


on all fours

on all fours

Foursome position for anilingus.

We are interested in positions in which there is good access to the ass and in which both people are comfortable. For the former, a good option may be for the person receiving the rimming to get on all fours or on the edge of the bed, with their chests reclining and their legs on the floor. The person giving kneels behind.

lying face up

Face up

Face up for better access.

Another possibility, which takes comfort more into account, is for the person receiving to lie on their back with a couple of cushions underneath and thus raise the pelvic area a little. In this way, the anus is more accessible to the accompanying person who will be placed in front, where they also have good access, by the way, to the genitals.



Posture for facesitting.

If you opt for more morbid, the facesitting or sitting on the person’s face can also be interesting. The couple lies on their backs and whoever receives sits astride the face, turning their backs, controlling the weight and the area of ​​stimulation with her movements. When the woman sits on top, this position is known as the queen’s chair.

Since we are at work, a final note: if you stimulate your clitoris or your penis when you are having an anilingus, the sensation can increase and take you to seventh or eighth heaven. And that’s what sex is about: exploring, discovering and flying.

Now you know, if you feel like it or if you feel curious, there is no problem in exploring new territories and enjoying the sensations produced by this form of anal stimulation without the need for penetration. To enjoy!

enjoy the black kiss

Open your mind and enjoy the black kiss like never before.

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