Anal plug: why choose metal?

Anal plug why choose metal

Fans of new sensations who tried the metal butt plug immediately adopted it. It seems to be the most prominent and used sex toy, because it is highlighted in all sex shops and available in several variants. Obviously, people who have not taken the plunge are worried about the effects of this gadget with such a harsh appearance. Here are some reasons for them to indulge in the metal butt plug rather than another.

The metal anal plug: a smooth and soft material

Users who plan to try the Metal anal plug are often held back in their momentum by the rigid aspect of the latter. However, metal is all that is softest, at least the one present on. With a smooth and uniform texture, it facilitates the insertion and extraction of the sex toy and offers a first feeling of cold that immediately puts you at ease. The metal plug is therefore neither painful nor uncomfortable.

The metal at the end is forged taking into account the morphology of the limb, which makes the Satisfactory object and pleasant to use especially for beginners. The most important thing is to Choosing the right size and the right diameter. You will find a wide variety of metal plugs by going to For example, or by doing a little research to better situate yourself. You will be able to understand the different sizes available.

Metal: an easy-to-care material

A big advantage of the metal is its Easy cleaning. Its non-porous texture allows for the rapid removal of all dirt. In addition, metal does not absorb odors unlike other, especially rubber.

Thus, it is enough to sterilize it to find an object as clean as on the first day. To do this, you must heating water and insert the plug into it, then leave it for a few minutes. At the exit of the boiling water, your sex toy will be completely rid of batteries, impurities and odors. However, be sure to dry it well with a towel to avoid rust.

In addition, thanks to this feature, you will be able to use your metal plug for a long time without fear of infections or any other diseases. You can also Switch to your partner after cleaning without fear of disease transmission. It is the most hygienic plug on the market.

Anal plug

Metal: a sustainable material

Metal is a Extremely durable material. It does not deteriorate and retains its shape and strength for many years. You can use it in the shower or bath without risking damaging it, because it is waterproof. However, remember to always clean it with a towel after passing it under water.

The metal sex toy is ideal during long parties of pleasure. Since it is rigid, it does not bend and does not weaken. The most anal metal is also hard and does not break when falling. This is not the case with the Glass plug or jelly. It is a very economical solution.

The metal plug: a body-safe composition

Metal plugs are completely safe for the body. They do not contain endocrine disruptors, nickel and even less phthalates unlike jelly for example. They are totally hypoallergenic and therefore can not give allergies.

The metal butt plug can also be used with all types of lubricants (water-based or silicone-based). If you want to keep your plug for several hours or overnight for example, metal is the material you need. It does not deform like silicone and especially does not absorb microbes.

Metal plug: new sensations to experience

Another property that does not displease the body are New sensations that metal provides to its user. In effet, metal is a thermal and electrical conductor. Thanks to this property, it is possible to play with temperatures to experience new sensations. For example, you can immerse the object in hot (boiling stockings) or cold water before inserting it. It will diffuse in your body the desired temperature to further stimulate the area, enough to multiply the pleasure. Some even advise placing the plug in the refrigerator for a few hours before using it.

It is also possible to use the metal plug to experiment Electro stimulation. Since the material conducts electricity, it is easy to use this feature to multiply the sensations. In addition, metal is heavier than silicone, wood or rubber. This allows you to exert stronger pressures, more powerful stimulations and enjoy more intense sensations.

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