How to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner

Como llegar al orgasmo a la vez que tu pareja

Would you like to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner? Do you climax while alone, but struggle when you have sex with someone else? So, is simultaneous orgasm a myth? Or is it a reality?

Reaching orgasm at the same time can be a difficult mission, but not impossible!

Simultaneous orgasm

When the climax is shared the sensations multiply.

Reaching orgasm at the same time is fantastic: Feeling how your breathing accelerates at the same time and your bodies go in crescendo in unison is a unique sensation. If the experience also ends in a shared climax it seems that everything multiplies.

But let us tell you that it will not always be possible, it may be difficult to achieve but that does not mean that it is unattainable… If you haven’t made it yet or it’s hard for you, don’t be overwhelmed! We are going to give you some guidelines that can surely help you and make you enjoy along the way. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who have already managed to reach orgasm as a couple on occasion, we will help you make it more common.


In a sexual relationship It is already difficult to reach orgasm. If it happens, it is normal for each of the members of the couple to climax at a different time, and this in the best case since not always both will reach orgasm.

Only 61.6% of people with vulva reach orgasm in their sexual intercourse, compared to 85.5% of people with penis who do.

It is inevitable that there will be situations in which orgasm does not come from one of the parties. Do not be alarmed, it is more common than it may seem and we want to remind you that Reaching orgasm should not be the end of sexual intercourse. The important thing is that you enjoy the whole relationship, without obsessing about reaching orgasm or not.

There is a social pressure that is rarely talked about but that is present in our day to day: The tyranny of orgasm. The information we receive from different media, what we read on the Internet, the comments of friends… Together with the lack of a good foundation in sex education, it leads us to self-convince that reaching orgasm is an obligation that will make the sexual relationship better.

If we are in a couple, there is also a kind of “romantic belief” that the important thing is to arrive at the same time, that it is a symptom of being connected with the other person and that the opposite is something less good. But nothing could be further from the truth: We must banish these misconceptions from collective thinking. and start enjoying sex and all the possibilities it offers us, from the beginning to the end.

The obsession to reach orgasm together can generate dissatisfaction… and much more.

Orgasm as a couple

Reaching orgasm as a couple is not an easy task, but do not be overwhelmed!

Achieving orgasm as a couple It may not be a simple task: It requires experience, a lot of practice and knowing well the times of the person we are with. If during sexual intercourse you have the sole purpose of achieving simultaneous orgasm, this can be counterproductive and have unwanted consequences:

  • Mentally forcing yourself to have an orgasm in any way will not allow you to enjoy, blocking the sexual response and therefore the orgasmic response.
  • If you are also obsessed with getting there at the same time, the experience will be very stressful and full of obstacles.
  • In the case of people with a penis, pressure can cause the erection to be lost or not complete: yes, the dreaded trigger can be an undesirable consequence of stress.
  • In the case of people with vulva, they can also lose arousal, which can lead to discomfort and pain due to a lack of lubrication.

We must be aware that sometimes it is difficult for us to climax as a couple, so if your desire is to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner, we recommend you start with the guide to female orgasm as a couple where we share some interesting tricks.


Absolutely yes, it is possible, and when the sensation happens.It is of a unique connection with the other person. It is difficult to get, true, but other times it also arrives without looking for it. Sometimes, orgasm comes when you least expect it.

Reaching orgasm

Enjoy the journey without obsessing about reaching orgasm.

That’s why our advice is that Let go of the misconception of orgasm as a goal of any sexual intercourse. If you have not yet achieved it, it is possible that it will arrive when you least expect it. We must learn to enjoy the journey and let ourselves be carried away by what we feel at that moment. And only in this way, enjoying the journey, is that orgasm can occur.

Each person has a unique way of getting aroused, and a different rhythm. Some take longer, others less… Keep in mind that some people will take longer and others less. The male orgasm lasts a few seconds, about 7, whereas The feminine can be extended a little more. Sometimes it is difficult to couple those times to those of the couple, so it is very important to identify the signs to know what you are feeling at that moment.

As always the solution we propose is exciting: Practice, practice and practice! And if the orgasm does not come you should not worry, we assure you that it is enjoyed the same along the way.


If your desire is to reach orgasm at the same time, we leave you some small tips to keep in mind to achieve it. Sometimes, we are so determined to achieve something that we forget that there are small things we can do that can help us a lot to achieve it.

The key to reaching simultaneous orgasm is in communication and self-knowledge.

reach orgasm at the same time

Reaching orgasm at once is possible, if you know how.


It is very important to know what you like when you are alone to know when, where and how they have to act to get you to make the “click” being in company.


Knowing how to express what you want and need will help your partner know where to go (and vice versa). You must know how to listen and please the desires of the other. Sex is a game of give and take.


It is important to know what works best for you when you are together. What is the position in which you can reach orgasm together? Are you thinking about the same thing or do you speak different languages as far as sex is concerned? As important as knowing what we like and what our partner likes, is the rapport in sex.


You should both know your own rhythm and worry about knowing your partner’s.


Extend the erotic games as much as you can until the excitement is at the highest level. This way you will help the times to be coupled.


Paying special attention to the senses will help you to capture and feel the couple, their emotions, their excitement, at what moment they are of the sexual response …


Put aside the thought that you have to achieve orgasm, and then orgasm will come by itself. Mindfulness in what you are doing in each moment helps a lot.


If you asked us for a single tip to reach orgasm and also, do it simultaneously with your partner would be: Maximize the excitement of both. What we recommend is that you try to raise the intensity level as much as possible until you reach a climax. Once in that state, the ideal is to stay that way until you notice that the signs of an imminent orgasm arrive.

Excitement, excitement and more excitement!

Raise sexual arousal to the maximum

It is important that the excitement is at the highest level.

We will not tire of saying it: The more excitement, the better! Arousal never hurts in a sexual relationship, and given the choice, it is better to pass than to fall short, don’t you think?

That is why we have prepared a small list that will help you both to enhance and raise your excitement to the highest level. Started?

1. Lengthen erotic games

The key is to lengthen everything afterSo devote as much time as necessary to foreplay. Do not be in a hurry, the preliminaries can last from a few minutes to a few hours … If you need more inspiration and would like to make some preliminaries of 10, here are many ideas and tricks.

2. Introduce toys and erotic accessories

There are countless toys that can help you maintain and raise arousal: dildos, vibrators, massage oils, gels to enhance pleasure, masks … Any complement will help you during the games phase and can also be an extra in the whole sexual relationship that will help you maintain excitement.

3. Choose the right postures

To increase the level of arousal in both, it is important that you choose postures that stimulate both of you. We know that no two penises are the same, So the most stimulating and pleasurable positions for them will be those that take into account the type of penis.

In the case of them, the recommended postures to increase arousal will be those in which the stimulation of the clitoris is greater. Each person is unique and so is their vulva. It is important that you know your vulva type and ways to get more pleasure.

4. Maintain eye contact

The look is a very powerful act of communication to know how you are feeling at all times. In addition, we tell you a little secret: looking at each other can also help (and a lot!) to accelerate arousal, or is there anything more stimulating than seeing how you are enjoying …?

5. Communicate more and better

Sometimes we do not know everything, and it is necessary to know what the other person likes and what we ourselves want. The key is to be able to communicate what you want at all times, but also to pay attention and know how to listen. It is important to be sympathetic to each other and that there is mutual interest in interpreting the signals. Do not be shy about asking: sex is a matter of two but nobody knows what excites you better than yourself.

The first step to achieving an orgasm is to relax the mind.

Achieving simultaneous orgasm as a couple is possible, yes, but it is not a simple task nor is it something that will always happen. That’s why our advice is that Don’t obsess over that idea. The more you think about something, the more it can cost you to get it and you will surely be missing the rest of the moments to enjoy on the way to climax. It’s all in the mind…

There is sexual pleasure beyond orgasm

There is pleasure far beyond orgasm!

Sexual pleasure begins in your mind, and is so powerful that in 95% of cases when orgasm is not reached the cause is emotional and / or psychological. So first of all, tranquility: it is important that you start from the maximum possible mental relaxation and avoid thinking about orgasm coming or not.

After being calm, eroticizing the mind can be a very good option to help us. This implies during the
Sexual encounter Voluntarily think sexual fantasies that help increase arousal. Sexual fantasies can simply be images or thoughts, very specific or very detailed. It has to be something, no matter what, that increases excitement just imagining it.

The sexual games, the level of arousal, the communication between you… Everything can help you reach the climax and do it at the same moment! And if the orgasm does not come, you will have enjoyed those moments of pleasure as well.

Sex is much more than an orgasm!

The orgasm can be the icing on your cake, but if for whatever reason there is no icing, don’t you think it will be sweet just the same…? Do not forget that there is a lot of pleasure in sex, beyond orgasm. Climax at the same time is not indispensable to enjoy sexual intercourse, The important thing is to enjoy sex either at the same time or at different times.

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