You thought all the fun was for each other? Think again ! Practiced with sensuality, the notary tie can be seen as a good preliminary or sexual practice in its own right, which can provide as much pleasure to women as to men.

The notary tie or tit wank, what is it?

Also called titjob, the notary tie is a masturbation technique. This practice consists of masturbating your partner by putting his penis between your breasts. Its name comes from the tie-like shape semen takes on as it drips down a woman’s breast after ejaculation. In the past, only notables, including notaries, wore ties on a daily basis.

For this practice to bring a lot of pleasure to both partners, it is necessary to add a dose of sensuality and a climate of trust. For more comfort, lubricant can be used between the breasts to avoid any irritation.


The different techniques of the notary tie

You can do this sitting or lying down, it all depends on what is more comfortable for you.

If you are kneeling, your partner will be standing. If you opt for the lying position, your other half should be straddling you. You can also sit on your man’s stomach with your feet toward his head. All you have to do is lean towards her sex. Once the most comfortable position for you has been found, it’s time to move back and forth. The notary tie is a very sensual and very erotic technique because besides the penis, it also stimulates the female breast, erogenous zone par excellence.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a large chest to start this practice. We therefore forget all our complexes and it’s the right time to increase the desire, for one as for the other! You can spice up this masturbation by adding caresses or mutually intensifying your gaze if you are face to face.


Can we practice the tie of the notary pregnant?

You can indulge in this sexual practice during pregnancy. On the other hand, the notary tie can be uncomfortable according to women. “The volume of the chest increases during pregnancy. This is a period when the breasts can be very sensitive”, underlines Virginie Clarenc, sexologist and couple therapist. “This position can therefore be painful. The lubricant is a valuable aid in avoiding friction which can become painful in the long run”, advises the professional. Before concluding: “every woman is different, it is important to listen well, the practice must be comfortable and in the event that it is not, you must not hesitate to communicate your discomfort to your partner.