The prostate, or the G-spot in men

It is also called Point P, for prostate, or Point H, for men. It is the stimulation of the very sensitive prostate gland, which will promote sexual arousal, even an orgasm in men. This organ is about the size of a chestnut and lodges under the bladder, along the rectum. Note that the prostate develops at the embryonic stage, even before gender is determined. However, for female babies, this trace of the prostate is found in the form of tissue along the wall of the vagina… what is called the G-spot. In male babies, it develops into complete organ. If this zone is erogenous in men, it is because it is very innervated, “reason why a prostate massage or sodomy can provide a very powerful pleasure“, explains Dr. Patrick Papazian in his book Prostate, the mysterious organ that wants you well (Ed. L’Opportun). But its stimulation causes a pleasure very different from phallic pleasure, as the expert details: “Unlike the penile orgasm, turned outward, the prostate orgasm is deep, internal, proceeding by microcontractions up to the point of no return.

How to stimulate this erogenous zone in men?

  • To external stimulation from the prostate

It is first possible to stimulate the area by an external massage of the perineum, the membrane which is located between the anus and the base of the penis. Through the skin and the muscles of the perineum, the prostate area is stimulated. You can massage with your hands, but also with your tongue during a blowjob. It is also possible to stimulate it at the same time as rimming.

  • At internal stimulation from the prostate

However, the real prostate pleasure is obtained by internal penetration, by inserting a finger or a sex toy directly into the anus of the man. The prostate is about two knuckles from the entrance to the rectum and you can feel like a ping pong ball, stimulate very carefully.

They practice prostate stimulation as a couple

But now, prostate stimulation in men is still quite uncommon, or at least taboo. However, some couples indulge in it and talk about very deep pleasures. “Prostate massage is really an intense practice. During a blowjob, I stimulate the anus, then I gradually integrate a finger and I feel his pleasure increase. That’s when I stop touching the rod to give him a prostate only orgasm. I recommend everyone to try and see if you like it“, says one of our reading moms. “I’ve never had an orgasm as intense in my life as with anal penetration to stimulate my prostate. At the beginning, I still had to remove certain preconceived ideas when my companion ventured into this field. But I quickly saw that there was nothing to be ashamed of and just pleasure!“, confides an anonymous dad.

The anal area in sexuality: a taboo that is not always easy to lift

I can see that my partner is open to the idea of ​​me rimming him, but when I start stimulating with my finger and I ask him if he wants me to insert it, I see right away that ‘he wants to quit because there’s still a reluctance to get penetrated for some straight men“, says Elisa. “I’ve never practiced prostate massage because I’m afraid it will hurt me and find it dirty. But I’m also a little afraid that it will change our perception of each other with my spouse.“, confides for his part Edouard. Indeed, this sexual act is still mainly associated with homosexual sexuality. “We must demystify the fairly widespread notion that touching a man’s anus devirilizes him“, underlines in L’Express Octavie Delvaux, author of practical guides and erotic news. “Finally, the word is freer on female pleasure. Male sexuality is circumscribed to the image given by pornography: men only have pleasure through their phallus and through ejaculation. We will never see a man having his finger put in his anus in a mainstream porn movie. However, this vision of male pleasure is very phallocentric“, she believes. So, how to get started when you fear the gaze of your partner?

  • How do I tell my partner that I would like rimming (or more)?

“I would really like to try, but I don’t know how to present it. During sex with my wife, we were in an inverted position like for a 69 and I tried to present my anus to my partner who didn’t didn’t understand at all. It’s a delicate subject, so how to do it? ” asks Arnaud. Well Arnaud, rather than presenting your partner with a fait accompli, the subject can be discussed upstream. Let her know you want to give it a try and see how she reacts. If she seems reluctant, let her know your wishes without imposing on her. Once the moment of the act has come, she will know that she can try to stimulate this area if she wishes.

  • He wants me to stimulate his anal area, but not me, what to do?

If some men are refractory, sometimes it’s the partner who doesn’t really want to explore that area. And that’s okay. When it comes to sexuality, you should never force yourself. On the other hand, it can be interesting to be informed, because behind many fears hides a great ignorance. Hygiene issues are particularly problematic. This is why the discussion, the exchange and the fact of obtaining information upstream sometimes makes it possible to put aside certain fears and to get started. However, there is no obligation to indulge in this practice. Like any sexual act, it must be consented to by the different partners.

Integrate anal pleasure into your sex life without risk

If you want to get started and stimulate your companion’s prostate, here are some precautions and good practices to adopt:

– Hygiene is essential, so wash yourself before the act. Also remember to cut your nails and clean them well too. Regarding enemas, doctors are divided on this practice, but you can talk about it with yours to be reassured.
– Be aware that germs can be transmitted during oral-anal intercourse, and in both directions. That’s why you can consider using dental dam.
– This area is very sensitive and must be gently massaged to avoid any risk of anal tearing. So we’re going step by step.
– If you use a sex toy, remember to clean it well beforehand and use water-based lubricant. The sphincter muscles will relax under the effect of lubrication. Also, avoid vibrating toys in this area.